Who are we?

Nauz came into the world through the eyes and hands of Manel Pina Cruz after he fell in love with jewelry.

Find out all about our story.

How did this love begin?

Ever since he was a child, Manel was always watching his mother create stunning jewelry in her goldsmith workshop, interacting with her customers and witnessing their delighted reactions as they discovered her new creations.

As soon as he reached adulthood, Manel started producing his own jewelry and selling it to his closest friends. Soon his passion actually became a business. Until Manel received an order from Piruka and Neymar. And everything has changed!

Getting into the world of football and entertainment

Once his creations started being shared by Neymar and others, Manel's work quickly escalated and he created the brand NAUZ (piNA crUZ - Manel's nicknames). The feedback from customers has been very positive because they find in these pieces the exclusivity they are looking for.

the path

These initial achievements have given Manel great confidence, reinforcing his belief in his own abilities and the brand's potential. Over the past two years, his reputation has grown, attracting new contacts and clients who are delighted with his professionalism and commitment to each piece. The final feedback from his clients consistently reflects overwhelming satisfaction.

Manel's aspirations for Nauz are limitless, driven by the unwavering support and belief of those who have recognized his extraordinary talent in ways he never imagined possible.

Join us on this journey!